Finally it’s December in Pisticci……looking back and laughing….

Today I made a start on fixing the diary I have been roughly keeping all year. I printed out everything I have written and today I started looking at January . That meant looking to see if I had written a blog post in January and also checking a sort of notes to myself/ middle of night write out worries/ occasional writing thing on my phone.

I read my post written at the end of January and I had been a bit introspective and considering how the previous year had been and how I was going to be different this year.

Then I read this…..

” Who knows what will happen this year. Could be a lot of difficult things out of my control. But it’s started well…..

I couldn’t help but laugh. I got that right.

This was before anyone was really talking about covid and pandemics. I went on in February to decorate my little artists house and get it ready to rent. I even got a booking.

Then everything stopped.

I’ve worked on rewriting January off and on all day.

In between two trips to the doctor to get a prescription.

I got a gift from the lady in the farmacia when I handed in my prescription. I realise that probably all their customers get one…..but I am delighted. At this time little things mean a lot.

I am enjoying my christmas lights and cosy room.

Tomorrow I am thinking of going on the bus to Marconia. That will be an adventure.

Wine time now. (.and for my daughter in Scotland)

Cheers. 🍷🍷

View from my attic bedroom
My first christmas gift.

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