Finally it’s December in Pisticci…..all about the phone

I thought that I was being very patient and chilled about not being able to use my new phone until I got a nano sim. Today I decided to go to Marconia on the bus for a small day out and a visit to the phone shop.

It was nice strolling through Pisticci to the bus station. It has been sunny all day. ( this new phone is so clever …it keeps showing me little symbols related to what I am writing. It’s both distracting and funny.)

Anyways it was a lovely walk and I didn’t have to wait too long for the bus. I forget how beautiful and interesting the scenery around Pisticci is.

I went straight to the phone shop. It took 5 minutes and my sim card had become nano. Just like that. And they didn’t charge me . Brilliant!!

Next stop was the coffee shop where the girl remembers that I always have a cappuccino with soya milk. It is nice to be remembered.

After that I wandered about looking for a phone cover and in the process bought some peperoncino chocolate for Christmas and a diary.

Then I remembered that I had ordered a plane ( Ha ha, that confused my phone ) I had said I would be back to collect it in a week. That was 2 months ago. I love going to the ferramenta. They sell paint there and canvases as well as tools ,paint etc etc .

And they found my plane ,which is quite beautiful. So I bought some paint as well.

I’ve spent most of the afternoon organising everything on my new phone.. I feel a little sad about putting aside my old one. It lasted more than 5 years, has been on a lot of adventures with me and helped me do lots of things. I have never forgotten sitting on a train on the way to the airport and accepting a booking for a month for my little house. It seemed quite miraculous that l could do that.

Now I am writing this post on my new phone . My old one was full up. This one has 128 wotsits of space. Fantastic!!

It’s a bit bigger too and as I couldn’t get a phone cover for it in Marconia I have ordered a nice turquoise leatherish one to keep it safe.

It has a camera that takes a variety of types of photos.( a big reason for buying it.)

I had a great day out. And I haven’t even mentioned the person on the bus taking their blood pressure or the exploding caps in one of the shops I was in ,or a bus drawing up beside me and the driver asking me where could he buy some art materials or lots of other little interesting things.

Now I am warm and I need to put the Christmas lights on and get a glass of wine. ( now where is the wine 🍷 symbol when I need it…..clever 📱)

Now you can see what I see.
It is quite pretty
Farewell little phone you served me well

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