Boxing Day in Pisticci….. blue day….

“Contemplative “might be a better word than “blue.” It has been rainy and dull all day.  My portrait was finished by 10am and I didn’t  feel very motivated to do anything else.

I brought my 2 new home made stretched canvases through into the warm part of my house and sat them on my table easel. I considered painting them with an undercoat of different colours left on my palette 🎨  but as that was black, white and cream that would not have worked. It was a black and white portrait I have been working on.

I seem to have spent a large amount of today either reading or watching THE POSITANO DIARIES on youtube.

Watching travel programmes  and videos like these are something I thought I should do. When it is possible to travel again then I would like to go visit  lots of places. Being prepared seems sensible.

Being in the red zone and rain is not conducive to exercise. ( not that I need an excuse) . I am looking forward to going out on the 3 orange days from Monday. Maybe I will do 2 walks each day……

It seems like it’s  the time for wondering what to do next year. I have some thoughts….and a vague idea of how to motivate myself. I write things down sometimes if I read or hear them. Today I heard someone say….

Write your truth and believe in it……and if your mum/dad/ sister/ daughter/ cousin doesn’t like it…TOUGH! .

I used to have a sign on my wall saying…YOU NEED CRAZED SELF BELIEF. That always seemed quite sensible.

I remember thinking that I wanted to make something good come out of this year. It might take till next year to get it done ,but I haven’t given up yet.

Maybe tomorrow( more rain forecast) I could make some plans…I like having plans ……..

But for now it’s 🍷 time.

Bit blue outside now…..
Been upstairs reading a lot. Need to stay fairly athletic to get up and down through that trapdoor.

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