Another Sunday in Pisticci…….what a long, long day……

Tomorrow we will be ” orange” and I can go out. Today I could have gone for walk, but it has rained all day and I still haven’t filled out my document to say why I am out.

Tomorrow I might go for 2 walks. I may have to invent shopping that I need and of course one can never have enough paracetamols.

It isn’t that there aren’t things I could do in the house. Just that I don’t want to do any of them. I don’t actually need to do anything.

I could paint or draw something, but I am not very motivated. I could start my rag rug, but until I think of somewhere to put it then I don’t know what size to make it.

I’ve done all the housework that I feel is necessary.

Today I mainly read and watched more of the Positano Diaries. ( they are really addictive…..)

On the plus side I think I have bored myself into action. Tomorrow I am back to work. At least for the 3 orange days.

Thank goodness it is finally dark and wine time.

I am half way through watching an episode of Inspector de luca. I love the scenery and atmosphere. It feels almost educational. And I bought it to watch at this time.

It has actually been quite a pleasant day……am just a little Presbyterian in my attitudes ……

Cheers. 🍷

Playing with zoom on my camera….
More zoom … inside.

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