Christmas day in Pisticci……well, that was fun…..

Christmas day started around 4.20am. I don’t seem to be able to sleep any longer……but that explains why by 6.30am I had sent lots of greetings to friends and family….assuming of course that their phones are switched off until a more respectable time! These were closely followed by 2 emails.

As I had already had my own Christmas on the 23d I was a bit over the festive season. However I did my five minutes yoga and then decided a special breakfast was appropriate 😋.

I am getting better at making facon(prosciutto crudo) and eggs. I’ve found that if I put 2 slices in my “use for everything pot” ,put the gas on low and the lid on and wait for a little while before cracking 2 eggs carefully in beside the facon and then leave for another short time, with the lid on , that it’s possible to lift out the whole lot still looking like eggs and facon . ( and not a semi burned mess, eatable but not beautiful) I don’t need any oil as there is the fat from the facon.

It was so nearly perfect this morning with coffee and peperoncino chocolate that I decided not to bother cooking anything else particular today.

( There was a slight accident with the 🍆 yesterday , making the decision easy.)

I spent most of the remainder of the morning working on a portrait accompanied by an audiobook.

Have just been interrupted by a video call from the USA. How amazing is that. Isn’t technology wonderful. These friends are the only people I have spoken to today. What a perfect surprise.

However back to the portrait painting which went well except for one eye. Every time I pass by I have been twiddling a bit more. It takes a very little mark to give someone a squint….which they haven’t got. I think it might be okay now ,but I have looked at it so much I can’t see the eye for the paint. I will be able to tell if it’s okay tomorrow. It looks right in a photo which is a good way of checking.

As a treat for myself I bought a short series of an Italian detective programme set in the 1930s and this afternoon I watched the first episode. It has sub titles . Watching a programme with sub titles makes me feel very sophisticated. ( I am easily impressed.) I would never be able to follow the italian as they all speak far too fast. I understand the slower bits. It’s a lovely series , full of beautiful Italians and 1930s cars and buses….and that sort of stuff. And the story isn’t too bad either. I am hoping to pick up some Italian history by default.

Tonight I ‘m drinking wine out of an old crystal glass which came from my parent’s house. I have had my Christmas lights on all day….and despite not making much effort it’s been a good day. And one of the blessings of being on my own is that there is no one to say that fish fingers are not “proper” food for celebrating. 😋!


One day I will get an electrician to make my chandelier work…..
Christmas morning

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