2021 in Pisticci….lit a candle and put on lipstick…

This is the first weekend in 3 weekends where I have felt that I can take time off. ( I have to work tomorrow morning) But have more or less caught up with myself. What a nice feeling.

I am sitting here tonight with a glass of a friend’s wine. She gave me a 5 litre container. I finally decanted it into bottles. I like it. And I think she has just offered me more.

It is another friend’s birthday today and I am a bit sorry that it is passing without the possibility of a visit.

However it was my neighbour upstairs ‘s birthday yesterday and she sent me down , via plastic bag on end of some string, 2 pieces of cake and sweets. That was nice. Especially the cake.

It is supposed to rain all weekend and maybe Monday. As my next piece of work is outside I may be “off” until Tuesday.

I am running out of candles, which a friend bought me from IKEA, so I decided just to use the remaining ones at the weekend. And this feels like a weekend. I like my wine bottle candle holder. I think wine bottles were popular for that purpose when I was young. Though I never drank alcohol until I was 40 so I only saw them in other people’s houses.

Because I was so relaxed…..not exactly bored … I decided to fix my fake window which has been bothering me for a while. It was possible to do this by shutting the lid on the cooker and standing on it. I added another border round the edge, fixed a couple of leaves and then painted some clouds in the sky. I think it looks a bit more 3 dimensional now.

I put some lipstick on tonight because after all I can see myself even if no one else can.

Cheers. ..🍷🍷

Often it feels like I live in a film set
Yummm….. cakes and sweets
This morning ..from the doorstep.

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