2021 in Pisticci…..permission to go out….

I could have gone out any time especially now that we are orange again, but I was so concerned that I wouldn’t be able to finish all the commissions for this week in time that I more or less made myself stay in. ( nothing at all to do with just being lazy when it comes to exercise…..though I prefer to call it a low level of motivation. )

However I had to pick up a parcel at the other side of town today and that increased my motivation enough to get me out.

It was a perfectly nice day and I walked down some different streets for a change….and because I thought I looked a bit weird. Am running out of winter clothes not covered in paint or rather more worn out than I would like and as there are no markets I can’t replace them. Also I am subject to low motivation when it comes to changing into something else to go out. This could be a good thing….not caring what anyone else thinks…. or more likely a bad thing …not feeling worth dressing up.

I miss lipstick. No point when I am wearing a mask. Lipstick used to be a big part of my ” look”. Now I just have eyes behind fogged up glasses or looking rather blankly at people I can’t really see or behind big dark glasses.

However it was good to get some exercise and greet some people in passing.

Must try harder.

I am nearly finished all the work I had planned for this week. The last portrait needs another couple of hours and it should be done. Over the weekend I plan to print out some reference photos for next week’s work.

I’m not sure if I managed to have as much fun as I hoped working on them ,but that could be down to falling potatoes, collapsing bed, exhausting dreams and various other things.

It is supposed to rain all weekend and maybe until Tuesday. Maybe I should stay warm and adapt some of my clothes for summer . I also need to make another mask .

Fineartamerica.com paid me €9 so I should find out what it was for and put some more new stuff on it.

And my new fake tan was in the parcel I picked up. Perhaps I will experiment on one foot…

Probably I should do some housework….more low motivation there. I actually turned off the main light last night so that nothing er untoward could be seen.

And finally I had better get more wine tomorrow…..


6am this morning. Looking forward to real flowers appearing
Still snow on the mountains.

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