2021 in Pisticci….going out is not so much fun….

Not when you are wearing a mask, woolly hat and thick jacket and there is Russian wind blowing. ( apologies to Russia if that isn’t where it’s coming from. )

I don’t know if I am really unfit (.possible) or I just can’t breathe properly wearing a mask. But by the time I got into town today I hadn’t enjoyed the walk up the hill. I could at least see as my glasses only steamed up when I attempted to speak or go in a shop.

It was good to be out though and I enjoyed the walk back ( downhill) through some back streets.

I ‘ve spent the rest of the day working on my next commission. It was very satisfactory to cut the stretchers and then staple the canvas. It only took about 25 minutes and as it was small 25x30cm I was able to use an offcut piece of canvas .

Working at the table in front of the stove with an audiobook playing was very pleasant. I enjoyed working on a small portrait. I think it’s looking good so far. My bigger tablet is a great help and so much better than using the screen on my phone.

Other than that I haven’t done much of anything else today.

Except stay warm.

By the weekend the temperatures are supposed to rise again. I am so looking forward to warmer weather.

Wine time again. And more portrait painting tomorrow.

It might not look cold but it is !!!
Painting set up.

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