2021 in Pisticci….still windy and cold…

It looks like next week it will be much warmer…..up to 20C….but today still the cold wind blew and blew.

Unfortunately this morning it also blew right in my house as I was obliged to climb up on the table and open the window above my door . That is, remove a plastic curtain rail which I have bent into a shape which keeps the two parts of the window from blowing inwards. The catch is broken and I took the winter nail out about a month ago.

I was busy reading all the latest depressing news on twitter and only gradually noticed that everything looked a little blurred. Then I realised it was smoke. My first thought was that there was something wrong with my stove…but on closer inspection it was fine. I had in fact forgotten to turn off the oven after toasting some cheese and then left a rather oily tray in it.

Oops!! It took ages to get all the smoke out.

After that I had a message to say a parcel had been left for me in a bar at the other side of town. I stomped off to collect it trying to persuade myself that exercise was good for me…..

Exercise is good for me.😬

I think I have finished 2 portraits today. It’s definitely a good idea to hold on to them for a few days to fix any little things I see later.

Being a bit bored this afternoon, and cold, I found the off cut wood left over from stretchers I’d made previously and made a 70 x30cm canvas for myself. I don’t know what I’ll paint on it yet , but it’s nice to have it available .

And now it’s wine time. I may or may not be mural painting tomorrow. It will still be quite cold.

It’s been nice having a few days when I haven’t been so busy.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Don’t know if I want to paint something vertical or horizontal.
Looking towards my house this morning. I live underneath the church in the middle of the photo. Still snow on the mountains.

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