2021 in Pisticci….what a difference a day makes…..

After yesterday’s blip, today was so much better. I am back to thinking I can paint after all. What a difference confidence makes.

I am doing something for the first time. None of the subjects are new , but the surface is. When I am finished I will ask if I can post a photo.

In the meantime it was so lovely to spend time out in the sunshine. I even wore my straw hat. I think I probably looked very artisty.

The only problem with strong sunshine is that the paint was drying very quickly so speed painting was necessary to blend the edges.

I have also discovered that my sunglasses have a reddish tint so that the bright pink which I was trying to tone down was not actually bright pink. ( note to self in future ….take sunglasses off to check colours)

The nicest bit today was being joined by the cuddly cats. That will be helping with my oxytocin levels. I think, I wish I had a cat…..not just a scaredy cat , but I have always turned down the offer of kittens as I haven’t anyone to look after them if I am away, though that wouldn’t have been a problem this year, I don’t think I could afford any vet stuff and finally I am afraid that a country cat would not survive in town.

So if scaredy cat could just get a little friendlier he or she would be perfect.

I’m not working tomorrow so I thought I would go shopping this afternoon. I remembered why I don’t buy tins normally, on the way back. I wonder if carrying a heavy rucksack would qualify as weight training.

I did do some vague housework and discovered that my washing up bowl has split . Am not much of a housewife but have never to my knowledge poisoned myself or anyone else. That is probably not a very high standard.

I like to be tidy…..because I think it looks nicer so that keeps things from getting too bad.

But now it’s wine time and I splashed out and bought crisps . It is Saturday after all. 🍷🍷

This is not really a mess with cats. It is stuff with not enough space to put it neatly.
Scaredy cat this morning.

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