2021 in Pisticci…sunny Sunday

Today was my day off. I forgot the clocks changed and wondered why it was so dark outside when I woke up .

Hair washing and clothes washing day. The leak has returned at the back of the washing machine. Luckily it doesn’t seem any worse than before. I can keep an eye on it with the torch. ( it’s in the fireplace so it’s dark in there.)

It was one of those warm outside and cold inside days when I feel I can’t light the stove as there is free heating outside…..but 16C inside.

So I went into the coldest place, my gallery, and made another 2 small stretched canvases. Now I have 6. Maybe my Easter project should be to paint them all , with subjects I like.

I spent an interesting hour on a video call with two of my sisters , all 3 of us at once. Have never had a group chat before. What a strange experience when we were in Scotland and Italy ,but it was if we were in the same room. Must repeat that.

I might be a little behind with technology, but I get quite excited when I learn something new.

This afternoon I was preparing for tomorrow’s work . I found an old painting of mine. Lightened it up a bit, uploaded it to my digital painting app and adapted it to use as reference. Felt terribly clever.

Now it’s sort of early wine time. Am starting work at 7am tomorrow….which will be 6am….or 8am….I can never work it out.

This week it’s supposed to be warm and then warmer again the following week. Hurray!!!


Original painting. ( now sold)
Brightened version to see what it would look like.
Adjusted to see how it could look roughly in situ ……I think it will work. And it’s satisfying to use my own painting .

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