2021 in Pisticci….self belief…or the lack thereof

I am not 100% sure that” thereof “is a word.

(I am getting fussy….I just googled it, and it is.)

For someone with a lack of confidence becoming a painter is probably not the most sensible option. Especially a self taught artist with nothing but higher art nearly 50 years ago to my name.

When I first sold paintings I thought people were buying them for the frames, because they felt sorry for me or James had paid them.

I think by now I have probably, over the last 15 years ,sold about 2000 paintings. (.average price being about 30 euros which is why I am not quite rich yet…)

I am pretty sure that I never sold anything for more than €300 in all that time.

However the point isn’t the money, but the fact that after all that you would think that I would have some confidence in my ability but I still feel I say ” yes” to commissions with my fingers crossed. I am not absolutely sure that I haven’t been thinking that ” relief” when a painting works out well isn’t” happiness” for years.

It’s been one of these days.

It’s warm again. I was working outside today and had to take 2 jumpers off and I had better take a hat tomorrow. After the very cold wind it was lovely. And there were cuddly cats.

It is 15C in my house. Not so warm.

I made another 2 small canvases using off cuts today. It’s quite a therapeutic little job. There is a lot of satisfaction in holding the finished smooth canvas , relatively neatly stapled to the stretchers I made. I am even getting better at corners.

It doesn’t feel like the weekend coming as I am working tomorrow. I would like this current job finished before Easter because for the next week or so the weather forecast is good.

Wine time again. 🍷🍷cheers.

Growing collection of odd sized canvases.
This morning.

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