2021 in Pisticci…should have shut the door…..

And not sat there painting beside the open door until I got really cold. I had my enormous  thick painting shirt on over all my other layers , but painting is not a very warming occupation.

So now I have the stove on and am wearing my thick Norwegian cardigan with the hood up.

I am very nearly cosy.

This morning after yoga and stomach exercises I went to the supermarket and then home the long way so that was today’s  exercise sorted. It was also supposed to warm me up. It’s  supposed to rain for the next 2 days so I thought I had better get out while I could.

I found an airfreshener  machine thingy this morning with batteries as I think my house smells a bit damp.

Rather sadly I have begun to find its puffing ,squeaking noise quite friendly. I need a social life.!!!!

Having decided that I am attempting to paint sunshine in little corners of Pisticci I set to with a little more enthusiasm this morning and am quite pleased with the result.

I like shadows and painting little spaces it’s so much easier than whole towns.

I still don’t understand what the nice man on the video was meaning about composition  and centre of interest. I think I will need to rely on instinct.

It’s  been sunny today ,but there is a cold wind. It says on the thermometer that my room is just under 20C now. Still keeping my hood up. Can’t believe how warm I will be in summer.

My flowery dungarees arrived yesterday and I tried them on this morning. . It will be lovely to have something new to wear this summer.

I am hoping to wear in my pretty sandals with the strap between my toes. ( agonising!) If not it will be the very comfortable men’s sandals.

The little airfreshener thingy just squeaked at me again. Made me laugh.

Maybe I will look out summer clothes at the weekend. That might be fun. Have an idea that I might add sleeves to some sleeveless things…and make them more wearable.

I was just thinking that perhaps I will paint a face on the airfreshener thingy and give it a name……

Have given up on my little cat. This morning it followed me into the house when I went to get the plate with the cat food and the door shut behind it. It panicked and tried to jump out the window then ran into the other room and even though I held the door wide open for it to leave it rushed out and ran away. Haven’t seen it all day.

Thank goodness it’s wine time.


Today’s sunny corner
Today’s freezing artist.

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