2021 in Pisticci….being Van Gogh..

I started at  a quarter past six this morning and spent two hours editing my diary. Only 25 pages to go. Sitting beside the open door at the table with the sun shining in and a very strong coffee by my side I have been enjoying this last part.

It was the street market in Pisticci  today….in these times I find  almost anything out of the ordinary exciting so I set off via the comune ( still  closed except  by appointment) and wandered happily past most of the stalls. I didn’t really need anything , but I might have been tempted by a €2 bargain.

The funniest thing about being there was the amount of people who said hello to me.

Looking like this……I thought I was unrecognisable.

It was hot on the way back and I am going to have to get a thinner mask. It was very pretty day though.

I have spent most of the rest of today being van goghish. I worked on a rough copy of an oleander painting. It’s very interesting to really look at a painting to see how it’s done.

Then after meeting my neighbour outside we swapped some cuttings and chatted. (Just like the old normal life used to be)

For a treat I read another chapter of my David Hockney book. I am enjoying it so much.

And while I was writing this there was a knock at the door and now I have another portrait commission.

What a lovely mixed day it has been.

Cheers 🍷🍷

The colour is approximate
On way home from the market.

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