2021 in Pisticci…..yellow  paint.

Am not quite sure if I  saw it on youtube or read it somewhere recently but someone recommended  a yellowish base to paint on. So now I have 10 canvases of all sizes painted with a mixture of white  house  paint and some yellow and raw sienna acrylic. It looks very pretty and…. ready.

I only meant to paint 4 canvases but I got a bit carried away and found some others lying about. And I had mixed up too much paint so didn’t  like to waste it.

This morning I finished making my latest canvases by stapling the canvas on to the stretchers. I could do to learn how to do corners better but am not very good at following  instructions including the words – left, right, any numbers or diagonals.

It’s  quite difficult to concentrate tonight as I am sitting outside  again and along with the jazz I can hear people talking at the end of the street. There are some very loud birds making a racket in the big tree, dogs barking and someone  revving up their scooter.

Now a car has driven into my street and parked nearly at my house. That is  unusual  followed by what looks like a repair or delivery van.

I don’t  think anyone can see me sitting here as I am inside the doorway and also screened by my plants.

I’m tired tonight. It feels like it’s been a long day and tomorrow I have plans for four new paintings.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

Lots of yellow potential.
My main door…the one I can lock from the outside.

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