2021 in Pisticci…..painting in my dreams…

It might have been partly caused by a reaction to the vaccine ,but last night I can remember making an abstract painting in pinks and yellows with a delicate overlay of thin cream lines. I remember getting to the end in the bottom left hand corner where I made the colours slightly darker.

It’s no wonder I am tired during the day.

However as I was taking precautions in case I felt a bit off for a couple of days , I got up, dyed my hair, wrote a short introduction to my diary, and then went to the supermarket so that I am all stocked up for the weekend.

Then I had the most relaxing day I have had in ages. It was lovely.

I spent almost all morning lying on my bed reading a book called M Train by Patti Smith. I don’t really know what it was about , I didn’t understand quite a lot of what she was talking about and have never heard of most of the writers she mentions. But it was curiously fascinating and there were enough things I could identify with. I read right to the end and was glad I did.

Having only read free detective stories for years on my kindle which have a beginning, a middle and an end it was quite , quite different.

Nothing much else happened today. I’m still tired , but it’s the weekend . Maybe I will paint another flower scene tomorrow if I feel like it. I am all prepared.

But now after a pleasantly sleepy day it’s Friday night wine time. Cheers 🍷 🍷

Ready to start the next one.
Has been nice to be surrounded by this all day.

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