2021 in Pisticci ….weekend work

After this last year or so , probably like lots of people I’ve made a determined effort to make the weekend different. Otherwise every day would be the same.

Down in my part of town every day is the same.

I suppose theoretically I could go out for a pizza now, but I can’t be bothered and am not sure I want to afford it. Sometimes I think it would be nice to bring a pizza back here and sit outside to eat it….but then I get comfortable here and decide to do it another night.

On Saturday though I don’t make myself get up at 6am, don’t write, don’t do yoga and try to have a relaxed breakfast, while Tony Blackburn witters away on Radio 2.

After that I usually end up painting something as I can’t think of anything else to do.

Today I amused myself by doing the washing and brushing all the floors and even washing part of the floor.

I was still not happy with my 2 Van Goghish paintings so I fixed them. Now they are probably more me, but still more colourful than usual.

My next painting is being done from life and I am not sure how it will work out.

Am still not feeling 100% , but not so tired as yesterday. Can’t complain.

Now it’s wine time again…..seems to come round very quickly….

Cheers 🍷🍷

Work in progress….am liking the colours
My new reading space. Might paint this.
The biggest geranium I have ever grown.

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