2021 in Pisticci….squeamish Sunday.

Am not back to normal yet. I am taking paracetamols to cope with a raised temperature and am also still feeling squeamish.

Not sick enough to not eat though. Today I discovered microwaved carrots with mayonnaise and also made myself toasted cheese sandwiches. And I felt well enough to sit on the doorstep with a plate of my homegrown strawberries listening to music broadcast from the church.

I was thinking how fortunate I was at that minute to see the world as art or at least as full of potential paintings.

I took a photo of some oleander flowers which are just beginning to open up. There is a canvas which would be perfect for them.

I’m always disappointed in myself because I don’t do more painting from life, but hopefully there will be time yet.

Today I binge watched Tiny House videos on youtube. I’ve gone off Escape to the Country. Probably because I have more in common with the people who chose to live “tiny”. I’ve often thought that if I had to go back to Scotland then I could afford an old static caravan . Ideally near the sea and a bus stop.

However I hope I feel better tomorrow as I have lots to do.

Am fairly sure that I read in the bible that Jesus told one of the disciples to go and get a glass of wine to settle his stomach. So I plan to do likewise.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Oleanders starting to bloom
Not exactly a plateful of strawberries, but I did grow them myself.

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