2021 in Pisticci….a windy afternoon, a cat and a doorstep …..

And a glass of wine. Sometimes that is all it takes to make me feel very happy.

I like watching the tree at the end of my street blowing in the wind. I’ve never bothered to find out what type it is but it has lots of little long pink and green leaves which sort of swish about. When it’s a really strong wind then the tree bends half way over. It’s quite flexible. It goes with the flow I suppose, not like an oak tree.

There is something nice about the way it appears from behind the little white house at the end of the street.

And in among my flowers to my surprise today there is a strange cat. It’s asleep on my table now. I am ridiculously happy to have its company.

Finally my doorstep is just about perfect. I can see out over the hills in one direction and through the oleander up to the castle in the other. But no one can see me unless they are very close.

People say my generation of my family are very private people. Maybe we are….and prefer to be on the outside looking in. I know that when I am part of a group of people I enjoy it like a guilty pleasure.

Anyways enough of that.

The little cat is still here.


I am feeling much better today. So the after effects of the vaccine were not so bad.

I worked some more on my ” I am fed up being Van Goghish and am going to paint a vase of flowers my way, ” painting.

I am not really very good at painting flowers.( lack of patience and observation and a particular desire to paint them) but I think I made a good job of the vase and I like the colours. .

I picked some photos for my illustrated diary this morning. Not so difficult when they are all stored by date on google something.

And apart from a lovely conversation with my daughter….though probably should stay off politics as am beginning to feel like an elderly auntie who we were always warned about before she visited. “Don’t whatever you do , mention Harold Wilson.” As if we would! There is a little part of me wishes I had known her better. Maybe she was a bit like me. I just thought she was old.

The cat is still asleep on the table. This has been such a nice time

Cheers……not gone off wine so far. ..🍷🍷

Interesting project….

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