2021 in Pisticci…. a morning out by bus.

I hadn’t intended to go to the little market in Marconia today ,but I woke up at 5.30am and thought…..why not! The early bus left about 8am and I could get one back at 10am. That would give me an hour and a half to fill and it wouldn’t be too warm then.

It takes about 20 mins to walk to the bus station and then I had to wait a while outside the cafe where it’s possible to buy bus tickets. It was so busy there was a queue.

The bus trip was lovely as usual. Nice friendly bus driver, everyone wearing masks and great views out of the window.

I headed for the little market where all the usual stalls were there. It was good to stroll along , taking my time so I could see everything. There were clothes, shoes,food, odds and ends, bedding etc, and my favourite- the second hand stall with a €1 table. At the other side of the road were the flower and fruit sellers. It was wonderfully colourful with lots of people.

I found 2 sets of little plastic boxes with lids for a euro per set. They will be useful if I ever get round to painting outside. Nothing on the €1 clothes table appealed to me. I considered buying a nice tartan thing from the Bennetton old stock stall. However I couldn’t really justify even €1 when I didn’t actually know what it was.

Next I wanted to buy cut flowers for a treat , but I also wanted to paint them . I got 3 different bunches and was very pleased with myself.

By then it was 25C and I felt like a coffee. Last time I was here all bars were closed except for carry out. This time they are open with lots of tables and chairs outside. It always makes me feel special when the girl behind the bar remembers what I want. I had an apple cornetto as well. It is my Birthday weekend after all.

Leaving there I headed for the ferramenta to buy paint and brushes. I rarely feel guilty about spending money on art materials. That was fun. Now I can paint eyelashes again…..if I need to.

Next stop was the chinese shop where I bought glue for my new diary project and some green paint because it was a pretty colour.

By then it was time to walk very slowly to the bus stop where a nice bus driver let me sit on the bus which was waiting instead a of standing outside in the heat. I am always too early.

I was back home by 11am. And had my flowers ” arranged” in a vase. They look amazing in my opinion. I ‘m looking forward to painting them.

The rest of the day passed nicely while I finished my latest commission… nearly, ate 9 of my strawberries and read the David Hockney book.

I think I will watch “Commissario Nardone” tonight again. What a treat it is to watch something elegant , atmospheric and Italian.

It’s not my birthday until Monday. My pensionless birthday- when everything could have changed, but won’t. I am not particularly downcast though . There are millions of people in much worse situations. But I thought that I should make this birthday as special as possible in the the current circumstances. And so far it’s been great.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Back from the market with flowers ,and everything else.
Not bad for €5.

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