2021 in Pisticci…. last day being 65….

I don’t think I mind becoming 66 tomorrow. Maybe it’s true that eventually you just don’t care any more. Besides I think it’s a nice number. It sounds good in Italian too.

My birthday weekend got off to an early start today when I lifted all the rugs in my main room and put 3 of them in the washing machine and the other I took out into the street and washed it with a sponge and soapy water.

I should like it noted that I washed the floor underneath. It still looks fairly horrible, but as no one but me has seen it , then it’s not a problem.

I changed the arrangement of the rugs when I put them back which is quite satisfying. So with freshly painted floor and clean rugs , not counting my wonderful vase of flowers , it is looking very nice in here.

And speaking of my vase of flowers … I did paint them and the painting looks fairly okay. The important thing was that I had planned to do that and carried it out.

Tomorrow feels like the start of a new stage of my life. It’s quite exciting.

I suppose every day should be considered, ” not a rehearsal ” but it certainly gets more real when getting older. After spending a lot of my life trying to be like somebody else better, it’s liberating to finally be more myself .

It rained this afternoon so didn’t read on my doorstep. The little lizard has not worked out how to leave yet and was sitting on the back of my chair earlier. I prefer lizards to giant centipedes.

I made a small print of my flower painting and stuck it in my illustrated summer diary. It looks lovely. I was surprised

Now it’s wine time and I have some feta cheese and tomatoes in the fridge for later……and hopefully more Commissario Nardone.

Cheers 🍷🍷💃

My birthday flower painting
Rugs all washed and covering the horrible part of the floor.
Oranges and a choc ice from my neighbour above lowered down in bag on end of a long piece of string.

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