2021 in Pisticci….mostly painted sides.

Since I began making my own stretched canvases with thicker wood then painting the sides seems a good selling point as there is no need for a frame. It also makes a painting look more finished ,I think. It is also a very boring job.

I started with a commission of Pisticci which I did ages ago ,but is hopefully being collected tonight…..while I was at it I “fixed” several little things on it as well. I sometimes wonder when I would ever think a painting is finished.

This was a lot of work……

After that there were another four to do. I’m glad they are finished now. I could obviously have done the sides while I painted the front, but I like to think that would interrupt the creative flow. ( or more likely I just don’t like doing boring things and put off doing them )

I had another early start on the doorstep. It’s really nice at 6am when no-one is about and everything is cool and fresh. Today I ordered a book called ” woolgathering ” by Patti Smith as it sounded just what I needed. I have not read anything other than detective fiction for years and I am enjoying something different.

Then I wondered if I could get the swishy effect of the big tree using my tablet. I am quite pleased with the result.

I can always see things I could do better, but for an hour long sketch it’s fine.

It looks like next week will be very hot. My fake tanned feet have faded to a semi realistic colour so I can appear in public with sandals.

I said yes to an invite to take part in an exhibition in July, friends arrive in Pisticci next week and friends from the North have arranged to drop in while they are on holiday. Looks like life is opening up again.


My little picture book.

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