2021 in Pisticci   …..sunny Saturday….

Even though it was Saturday and it’s  the weekend I was still sitting on the doorstep  around 6am  with coffee. I was a little distracted as I do try and make the weekends different …..but I am getting ” awfully set in my ways” and feel safer doing lots of things exactly the same every day.

I got my new Patti Smith book out and read a chapter.  I thought that might put me in the  right creative mood.

Next I started flicking through my photos for sea views because I need a sea painting for an exhibition next month.

I found a photo of a seascape which I really liked. I didn’t  realise at first that I had painted it.

Painted a long time ago.

After that I spent over an hour looking through thousands of photos on an external hard  drive, resigned to the fact that I will never ever organise it. To my surprise I found the original photo of the scene. It was a stormy sea one winter at Pisticci beach when I was out for a walk with James.

He was in a lot of photos as we used to go walking on the beach regularly and I have hardly ever been in the last few years.

Probably the last one of us on the beach.

So now I am organised and know what scene I can paint. I found some other paintings I quite liked ,but that was my favourite.

Several old sea paintings.

The remainder of today was spent making more stretched canvases.  And after a shaky start where I cut the wood on the wrong side, then the next piece I cut too big, it got better. It takes quite a while to cut the wood  and sitting on the floor is probably not the easiest  way to do it. My legs keep getting in the way.

However I think I have finally got the hang of corners and I stapled canvas onto all 3 in about an hour.

Tomorrow  I might begin my next interior painting. I’ll see how I feel. It’s good to have 3 canvases all ready to use.

This week the temperatures are to be up to 40C and above. That is quite hot for June.

And next week we will be a white zone.

Not that it will make much difference  to me. 

Now I need to work out how to carefully  apply fake tan to my arms so I can wear sleeveless tops. I don’t  do sunbathing and now that I don’t  have my scooter I can’t  scooter around the countryside  getting brown arms with virtually no effort.

So wine time. Am drinking  Aglianico tonight, made locally. ( 14%)

Cheers 🍷🍷

Painted this a long time ago.

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