2021 in Pisticci…. socially anorexic?

It’s been a long strange day after a a week when I got my 2nd vaccination, was ill, had a sore back, eyestrain, helped put out a fire and met up with 3 different sets of people.

My back is slowly getting better,but I am still having to be very careful and I am trying only to spend a minimum amount of time looking at my phone to give my eyes a chance to rest.

Today distracting myself was more difficult than usual.

I was lucky enough to get a big bag of food from the people upstairs who left today closely followed by a bag full of courgettes from my next door neighbour. My fridge has never looked so tempting.

Lots of cheese….

I thought it was only right to mark the occasion with a sketch.

So have now had a superabundance of company and food.

I’m finding it all a bit unsettling. In respect to food, over the last year and a half I’ve been very careful what I bought . Not just because of being only able to go once a week for long enough, or how much it cost but also weight as I had to carry it home .

Now I am wondering if I can stop being a parsimonious so and so and enjoy a luxury food weekend without thinking that next week will be back to basics. I think I might manage…😋😋

It’s a little the same with a social life. I had got by relatively happily by speaking to people in shops , greeting people on my way into town and chatting to the occasional person who dropped by to look at paintings.

Yesterday was lovely. It felt great to be connected for more than 2 minutes. To have proper conversations.

Now they are all gone and soon I will be back to chatting to the staff in the supermarket and the postman and 2 minutes per day will be my ration.

Very unsettling……..maybe the heat is getting to me.

At least I started another painting today.

I like the arrangement of shapes….now if I can just keep that.

Wine time now….🍷🍷. Cheers.

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