2021 in Pisticci….liking what I have……

And not getting hung up on what is not there. That seems to be how to be happy and content. Enough said.

I got all organised to sit out side tonight and then decided that someone else’s loud music was in my space.

I take my painted flowers for granted now, but without them there would be only one small flower in this photo

It’s maybe stopped by now … .no it hasn’t….just checked.

Have been up since 5am so that I could enjoy some time just chilling with coffee and Brutto , who is now turning up regularly.

By 6.15am I was walking over to the other side of town to the small terrace where the bench painting is taking place.

Today as well as undercoating another 2 benches before it was too hot… they are in the sunniest part….we added some of the final colours to see how they would look. It looks promising. We had to stop even though we were in the shade because the paint was drying too quickly. Someone said it might be up to 49C today.

Had to add the photo of all of us again . I think it’s the sunglasses. Makes us look really cool.

After getting home around 10am I did very little today. Don’t seem to be able to concentrate. Can’t even decide which paintings to take to tomorrow’s exhibition.

My new glasses are great, but the reading ones needed a small adjustment as they slipped a little. I walked up town staring at everything as if I had new eyes. The longer distance one’s are bigger than my old ones and I can definitely see better. What a treat.

There are guys putting up the decorative lights. They are all very tanned. I don’t know how they can work right through the day in this heat.

38C at around 5.30pm.

Another early start tomorrow.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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