2021 in Pisticci  … off to Craco….

Finally chose 2 paintings to take with me , painted the edges of one, improved it a bit, put hangers on and they are ready to go.

Different from my usual selection….but we won’t be in Pisticci.

This morning I think we were all a bit tired , however we have 2 benches completed except for a coat of varnish  and I painted a fox on another.

My back ached rather a lot.

Yesterday and today’s pages in summer diary.

I have to leave in about 10 minutes , but I am more or less ready. I  have no idea what tonight will be like , but I haven’t been to Craco for at least 10 years. That was before it became a tourist  attraction and you had to wear a hair net and a yellow helmet and be shown round by a guide. And pay for the privilege.

When we went , we just strolled around and looked in places. It was necessary  to be careful as you could open a door and there was only fresh air on the other side. I forgot to say that it was abandoned years ago. I think sometimes film makers use it as a setting nowadays.

I think we might be going to some old buildings nearby.

It’ll be a surprise 

Better get all organised now.  Make sure  I have bottle of water, mask and spare mask etc.  … .oh and the paintings.

Cheers 🍷 🍷

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