2021 in Pisticci…wind, thunder and smoke…..

It’s  the last day of the feste in Pisticci  and possibly the last day of the very hot weather. The wind in my street is definitely cool. It seems to be blowing up the street and I am sitting in the other chair tonight so that I can watch the smoke which is drifting right across the valley. I’ve already spoken to a friend who said the fire was not near them. So far we have not been devastated  by fires like some other regions.

There are grey clouds and I heard thunder

The smoke is all the way along the top of the hills.

Today was fairly hot again , but I did go out shopping. I’ve  enjoyed the home made lasagne I found in the freezer so much that I thought I would make some more. This time I used lentils and pancetta,  onions and some frozen veg. I think there is enough for 8 more holiday meals in the freezer. And I ate some today. It’s  so long since I had any guests for lunch that I only counted for myself.

That was nice. Someone came walking up my street and said” Hello”. And then asked if I was the artist as they had heard of me. I am always happy to show people around and don’t mind in the slightest being a tourist attraction.

I made stretchers for my next commission today. Tomorrow I plan to staple the canvas on and draw the scene.

I am now on my third murder / romance.

But I have bought a book on my kindle relating to the Taliban as I thought that maybe I can’t do anything , but at least learning something would be a good idea.

It looks like the smoke has gone, there has been no more thunder and only the wind is left.

Time for wine.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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