2021 in Pisticci….big decision…..

Well, not really, but when there is not a lot happening then any decision  could be a big one. The current big thing is , ” Will I water the plants?”.

There is a storm forecast and the sky looks like this.

It’s also very windy.

I was going to sit outside, but when my glasses blew all the way across  the table I decided to come back inside.

I am trying to persuade myself that I am saving water by letting the ” possible” storm water my plants , but it’s  more likely that I am just lazy. Despite the clouds and the forecast there still might not be any rain. It’s  happened before.

Then there is the water bill…which I might eventually need to pay in about 5 years time . I owe it to myself to not use my house water when I could have the plants watered for free. ( oh yeah!!)

It has still been relatively hot today and looking at the forecast it is due to go back up to 37C in a few days.

I tried rearranging  my table near the door today. I needed to do some small sketches for my next commission  and realised that it was heat as well as general lethargy that was keeping me from getting on with it. After moving the table away from the door I decided it looked stupid and I should just move the fan instead.

My canvas is now stapled onto the stretchers  and ready to use. I  have finally got the hang of corners.

I also drew my next portrait so that it’s  ready to begin painting.

And I read quite  a lot of my new book . It features a character a little like one of the driven fictional  detectives in other books I read. . But this person is real. Interesting.

More bench painting tomorrow morning early. I think I have an Eagle to paint.

Still not raining …….

Better have a glass of wine and think about what to do.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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