2021 in Pisticci….where is the good news….

And what is there to be done to make the world a better , kinder place.

Maybe the virus has been a great example of how if everybody pulled together then the world could be healed.

I suppose I am being a bit simplistic , but if the few very rich people in the world were nice kind people then they could have paid for most of the world to have vaccines by now…..and they could probably do quite a lot to help with climate change as well…

After this it just gets too complicated.

Maybe it’s the internet and if it wasn’t here then I wouldn’t know about ” sad stuff”.

I am so very angry about how women are treated. When I was in a sort of cult church many years ago I experienced this to a minimal degree. I went along with the” wives obey your husbands” stuff and it has taken years to get over that.

I feel really fortunate to have my life here. But today , being as kind and cheerful and generous as I can seems like a pitiful effort.

Better stop now ….After just mentioning that Angela Merkel sounds like she is going to do something positive about getting people out of Afghanistan.

Can’t help but notice that she is a woman.

Final thought on the subject. If men and women were genuinely equal, which in no way means being the same, then using all their different attributes in a complimentary fashion , what a team they would make.

Today San Rocco’s image is being transported all round Pisticci accompanied by brass bands and fireworks. ( I read a little about him when I was painting him on the mural and he seems to have been quite a nice guy. He is supposed to protect us from plagues among other things. )

I made myself go out this morning before it got very hot and to my surprise a lot of the little shops were open. It was nice to speak to people and I was glad I went out. It might have been a little cooler today and I’m certainly less tired.

Finally I tidied out my painting cupboard ,after putting it off for days. Mostly it involved swapping things around. Am not planning to begin work properly till Wednesday when the temperature is to drop at least 10 degrees.

More fire works and church bells as I write.

I experimented briefly on a painting using something I learned on youtube from the man with the boring voice ,but interesting ideas.

Added more pure colour and some shadows.

Maybe tonight I will go out and photograph the lights. There is also a ceremony happening in the piazza nearby.

But now it’s wine time and considering how incredibly fortunate I am .

Cheers 🍷🍷

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