2021 in Pisticci…for a change I painted a chair….

It has been bothering me for a while as it is a nice old chair, a bit like Van Gogh’s one , but scruffy and not one thing or the other. And I am in the mood for some little, relatively effortless changes.

So it’s blue now ….and so is my lamp as I had some paint left over.

It’s varnished so should be fine for a while. Made up the colour.

Now that I think about it , it is quite like the blue on the benches. It’s strange how things are connected.

I am sitting outside tonight and it’s very windy. I have changed to the other chair and am looking out towards the tree and the valley. This morning a twitter friend sent me a tweet with 3 trees by David Hockney. It was lovely. I don’t know why I like the latest digital paintings of his garden in France so much. I just do. They make me feel happy and optimistic.

My poor tree has a big dead bit in the middle so is not looking very pretty.

Presume there is a broken branch .

I was out as usual at 7am in the next little piazzetta where we undercoated and sanded the the benches before adding colour. That should be the other way round shouldn’t it?

I can see my house from here.

Today I painted a girl in traditional costume hanging out the washing. Bigger simpler subjects work better I think, but it’s not finished yet.

Not sure about this……

And now after having gone to the supermarket and met someone who wants me to paint something for them. (Networking Pisticci style. )

And having bought more wine . ( like to always have some in reserve. )

It’s finally Saturday wine time….and my daughter who has 3 jobs ,2 children and a husband and has spent the last 4 months training to be in a body building competition which involved loads of exercise and a very strict diet and no alcohol is getting ready tonight for the competition. She decided to do it to mark her 40th birthday and I am extremely proud of what she has achieved. Tomorrow she will be demonstrating the results of her hard work. I am really excited for her.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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