2021 in Pisticci…some rather inferior straw bales and the donkey’s tail

Wasn’t  so inspiring today.  I learned that animals are much easier to paint on benches than round straw bales. Did my best , but was not impressed. I did fix the donkey’s  tail though and paint the background lighter so its legs looked better. I also painted a few olive trees and some clouds.

Then I spent most of today lying around reading until I felt so guilty that I went up town to buy wine and paracetamols just so I would have something to write about.

When I delivered a plastic basket full of clothes pegs , regularly dropped from above and several pieces of clothing which also fell from above to my neighbour this morning she told me that someone I might know had died.

Her name was Pasqua and she lived in the street I walked along most days. She was tiny and looked very old , but I met her once or twice heading up town so she got out and about. This summer I said ” ciao” to her lots of times when I passed her house as she would be sitting outside on a tiny wooden chair keeping cool. She always smiled and would ask me where I was going.

I will miss her.

Brutto is sitting inside cleaning himself . Who would have thought that after all my effort with” little covid “that I would find a friendly cat by chance.

Am wearing my starry dress tonight to cheer myself up as my back hurts a lot. Have no idea why it is better one day and then worse the next

Tomorrow bench painting is moving to the next piazzetta. I think that maybe ladies in traditional costume will be the subject.

As the wine shop was closed I have a choice between drinking supermarket wine or opening a bottle from my gift collection.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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