2021 in Pisticci… can’t  believe  it’s October…..

What a strange year. When I look back on it I’ve  gone no further than 25 kms from Pisticci about 6 times this year and 2 times were to exhibitions in the summer. Three times to Marconia to post paintings abroad, and once to a winery with a friend.

The beach is about 25kms from Pisticci. I could have got a bus there , but it was too hot, I was too white, ( despite my gel  ” tanning ” pills….at least they made me laugh.) and I didn’t  really want to go by myself and be stuck there for hours till the next bus back.  And finally it was probably better that I painted thereby potentially  making money , than go to the beach, potentially  spending money.

I wasn’t  bored. I was too hot. 3 months of temperatures over 35C  was a bit too much.

Then I found out I wouldn’t  ever get a state pension. Looking back now I don’t  know why I am surprised . Not getting paid/ feeling not  worth much, has been a constant  all through my life. 

But it didn’t actually make a big difference and I am quite skilled at living on very little and still enjoying life.

I finished the book I was writing on my birthday and am looking forward to seeing a physical copy of it soon. That is pretty amazing.

I’ve been working with a local group of artists and we have painted a very big mural and 17 Park benches….and more to go.

I painted a big mural on a garden shed all by myself and it felt like a holiday in the country. That was fun.

I don’t know how many commissions I’ve painted or how many stretched canvases I made by myself.

Twice I’ve been in a restaurant for a meal . Once with friends from the North and latterly with Swedish friends. ( forgot, that was out of Pisticci)

I think October feels like a new year beginning.

All I need is a plan. Still practicing……

So today ,in preparation mode , for whatever plan I eventually come up with , I painted 2 more small ‘ loosely ‘ painted scenes.

It is possible that I am learning , but not sure…….

I also painted glue on some small pieces of mounting board so that after a coat of paint I could paint on them. The glue was a bit lumpy . Not sure it was supposed to be like that. I mixed it with water and it got less lumpy. I hope that was a good thing.

Obviously been watching more art videos.

Tomorrow I am invited out . Whoopee!! An adventure.

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷

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