2021 in Pisticci….Busy Saturday.

That’s a bit of a boring title for what was a day of ” big happenings “.

I got off to an early start around 3am when I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. Even camomile tea didn’t help. Eventually gave up and got up.

After sharing my breakfast with Brutto again I am in danger of becoming controlled by a cat. Will I have to have eggs and mayonnaise forever for breakfast?

After spending ages choosing what to wear to go to the market, which included spreading all my winter clothes on the bed.( Need to pack up all my summer stuff if I hope to get them all in the wardrobe. ) I found something to suit my mood – a mix of can’t be bothered , feeling old, tired and podgy and a tiny touch of excitement. I was after all, going out of Pisticci.

Clad in my favourite black shirt and my ” possibly….but probably not” designer jeans and accompanied by my sentimental trainers I set off to meet my friend .

Having found €3 in the pocket of my jeans I took it as a sign that I should spend it . Hurray!!!

I think I did very well. My winter wardrobe now includes a thick brown woollen zip up cardigan, a linen and cotton long shirt and a very pretty patterned orange and brown acrylic and mohair cardigan.

Not bad for €3

Last year’s thick jumpers are now small and dotted with paint. I might use them to stuff cushions……or come to think of it I do have hooks and hessian to make a rag rug. Might be a project.

After the market I had lunch in the countryside.

Lovely sunny day.

Following lunch we set off for the beach for a small ceremony to say goodbye to a friend who died recently. It was casual and friendly and I would be glad to be remembered by my friends in that way.

I had forgotten how nice it was to be by the sea. The beach was almost deserted even though in the UK it would have been a perfect day for the seaside.

And now I am looking forward to starting reading something very different and a lot more interesting than my usual diet of not awfully good crime books .

Preparations for winter are coming along nicely.

Now for a glass of wine 🍷 🍷.


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