2021 in Pisticci….wrote a short story and my book arrived……

After waking up at 5.30am I decided I might as well get up . It would have been James’s 74th birthday and I was inspired to write a short story which I had been thinking about for a while.

I was going to sit at my desk so I went to put the big light on and the switch fell off down the back of the chest of drawers before the light went on. Not a great start as there was no way I was going to replace it , assuming I could, without turning the electricity off….and it was still dark.

On to plan B. Went through to my workroom and carried my strange stool through and put it in front of the half table James made. And it fitted. And there was light.

An hour later and I had written almost the whole story. It was called ” The Portrait”.

Then the cats were waiting And I was hungry.

It took another 20 minutes after that and I was relatively pleased with the result .

Am not sure if it is possible to download the story from here. I wish I knew more of what I was doing with technology.

It was a great feeling however to have written something.

So off I marched to the hardware store to buy wood for stretchers and on the way met a stranger who would like me to paint a portrait.

Returned safely with the wood.

€15 worth.

Was just wondering what to do next when there was a message from the faraway bar where one particular delivery company insists on leaving parcels for me without bothering to inform me.

It’s amazing how fast you can walk when you are annoyed.

Half way home with parcels.

I was so excited and nervous to open the big parcel because I could see it contained the copies of my book which had been printed.

It was much better than I expected. Next time I will have learned how to label the photos and arrange them better, but on the whole I am really pleased with the result and already have half a plan for my next illustrated book . Even if there only exist 10 copies I can now say that I have written a book. I am particularly pleased with the cover.

The digital images worked particularly well.

What a very pleasant day. I wanted to do something special today and it has exceeded my expectations.

( I turned the electricity off and managed to stick the switch back in. May need an electrician at some point ,but not just yet.)

It’s been a long day. Cheers 🍷🍷

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