2021 in Pisticci ..making a rag rug….

I wrote about the very first rag rug I ever made and had the article printed in a small publication. I was paid £20 for it and I was optimistic that it was the start of something good.

Not exactly as it turned out.

I once wrote a very bad play, produced, directed and provided all the scenery for it. It was only one performance in a church hall , and the actors were awful. ( am fairly sure none of them read this) When I look back at some of the things I did I’m quite surprised.

I wrote several short stories and sent one to quite a good magazine. They wrote back and said that it wasn’t suitable ,but if I wrote any more they would be happy to see them. I thought they were just being kind and didn’t send any more.

I’m not sure if I don’t try hard enough, am lazy or am just not very good at anything that I might get paid for.

Have no idea why I am writing this as I was going to say how pleased I was that I remembered how to use a rug hook and that after buying the hessian last winter I eventually have got round to using it.

I made my first rag rug a picture of my house in Scotland. My mum and my auntie had made rugs and I thought I would go one better and make my rug into a work of art. They were not impressed and merely commented that I hadn’t finished the back very well.

I was pleased with it however and went on to make a second one with a scene from my garden.

This one I plan to make now is only really a mat and so far I haven’t even a design in mind.

Some of last years winter jumpers to recycle into a rug.

But as I am in a bit of ” don’t know what to do next” mood then I am pleased with any achievement.

I did another practice painting today and wonder if I am finally getting the hang of this……

An old shed nearby.

Is dull outside right now ,but still 25C in here.

My oldest grand daughter is 17 today and is having a driving lesson. Am feeling a bit far away and old. It is theoretically possible that she could pick me up at the airport if I ever make it back to Scotland. How strange that would be…..

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷

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