2021 in Pisticci…..quiet day.

After all the excitement of yesterday it was bound to be a quieter day today.

I amused myself by brainstorming ideas for subjects to write about. Strong coffee helped. I had to be very quiet so the cats didn’t hear me. I came up with a long list of curious things including lentils. Am now determined to write something about lentils just to see if I can.

Then I made a stretcher which I thought would fit one of my practice paintings . It doesn’t. Oops!!!

So I went off to read for a while and got lost in the 12th century.

After lunch I finished off yesterday’s practice painting. Don’t like it ….

I have decided that feeling sick , which I have been, off and on for the the last few weeks is really anxiety about not knowing what to do next. I feel perfectly well when I am out or working.

So all I need to do is decide what to do. Simple ……..

Am later writing this tonight as a friend has been here. We have had a stimulating discussion on lots of subjects and meeting up is one of the highlights of my week.

Now it’s time to eat and drink more wine.


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