2021 in Pisticci  …progress..

Was desperately  trying to think of a title that didn’t include ” tired and fed up”. And it occurred to me that although I am a bit tired , I am making some progress. It’s  just slower than I would like.

There is also something to be said for being grateful  for what you have or looking at the cup half-full. 

I didn’t edit photos today because it was so difficult on Monday and the results weren’t  all that good. It seemed a bit pointless. Theoretically I did learn what won’t work.  Progress of some sort I suppose.

Then I did go to Marconia yesterday. Hadn’t been anywhere out of town by myself all summer.

On the other hand I should order pellets , but I don’t need 77 bags and that is all that is on offer locally . And I really should get someone to look at the crack in my wall.

I know from past experience  that when painting is going well then I feel better. Today I finished the first of 4 paintings of light effects in the valley. I think its okay.

Am not sure what I expect.

I found another series of art videos where there is a 5 day project doing 20 minute paintings.  I might do that as well.

It’s been a bit dull today but  not so cold.

Glad it’s wine time .


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