2021 in Pisticci…..a little adventure…

Being a bit of a scaredy cat it doesn’t take much to feel like an adventure.

Today’s adventure was a trip on the bus to Marconia to post 2 parcels .

As I woke up about 5.30am I could get the early bus which might or might not leave at 7.45am. There is no timetable. Today it left just before 8am.

It’s possible that I could get a little bus from the piazza near me , but I keep forgetting to check and as I need a ticket before I get on the bus it was easier to walk all the way across town and buy my ticket in the bar near the bus station. It was cold and windy ,but a pretty morning.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed going by bus. Everybody wears masks and it feels very normal .

I went to the post office where there was quite a long queue . The trick is to ask who is the last person and then watch them . Queue might not be the appropriate word as it implies a line , whereas in fact its more of a group . However it is all fair and orderly if you just ask the question.

I must have waited about 40 minutes outside and then another 5 inside. I was very happy to eventually reach the counter.

I handed over my 2 parcels and told the the girl where they were to go. I had cut a big padded bag in half and taped them both securely with parcel tape.

Unfortunately it seems that parcel tape was not allowed . I was a little bit taken aback and thought I would have to go away and buy new bags and then come back .

However the nice girl started to strip off the parcel tape and managed to do it without ripping the envelope. I didn’t think that was possible but she managed. It is apparently okay to use sellotape which she used to reseal them . ( my sellotape melted which was why I used parcel tape.)

She found me new labels so I could readdress them. And we were ready to go.

Except Scotland and the UK didn’t exist on the list of places to send parcels to. After some thought I suggested ” grande bretagne” and luckily that was on the list. I was cheering underneath my mask by this time.

I thanked her enthusiastically and she apologised for the bother. I should have been more organised. We wished each other a good day and I nearly skipped out the door.

It wasn’t just posting the parcels today that was a success. It was following through on my plan to write a book and then send a copy as a surprise to someone without whom I wouldn’t have got it finished.

There was only time for a quick trip to the chinese shop and then a coffee before I got the bus home.

Keeping an eye on the bus.

I took several photos of the light this morning and decided that I would paint scenes with different light effects as this week’s project.

I’ve cut 4 pieces of canvas big enough to fit on 30×40 stretchers and will use them .

I am not sure if it is even possible to paint what I want ,but am going to have a go.

Work in progress
This is the photo I am using

It’s nice to have a plan.

Now it’s wine time.


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