2021 in Pisticci….more practice and a presentation

Today the group of bench painting artists were at the comune to receive a ” thing” ( no disrespect intended…I just don’t know how to describe it. It looked like a sort of glass plaque enclosed in a book. ) from the outgoing Sindaco . If was a very low key occasion. I didn’t know why we were there until it happened.

I found it quite a sad occasion because I had a lot of respect for the Sindaco and was really sorry that she was not able to carry on. She had , according to one report, based her time as Sindaco on ethics. Sadly ethics were not enough to get her re elected.

Reading about the UK government every day makes ethics seem immensely desirable and important .

However it passed without any speeches and only cheerful conversation. Unfortunately the photo taken does make me look a bit scary.

That’s me with a completely black face.

I spent some time working on my next loose painting with light effect.

I like the flowerpots. Maybe I am now reaching the stage where I feel that I will not be beaten…..and I will master this different technique……or not.

Have just spent a couple of hours with a friend and feel great. It was lovely to chat about all sorts of topics…..and we even checked to see if I could fit 77 bags of pellets in my house.

Has been wine time for the last two hours.


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