2021 in Pisticci..quite a sociable day…..

From saying ” Ciao ” to the postman being the highlight of my week , it has been taking me some time to become a little more sociable again.

Other than working along side other artists on projects I don’t think I have made many efforts to initiate meeting people.

I’m not sure if I noticed how many social interactions I had before covid.

This is a list of today’s .

Met old neighbour on way to town and chatted.

Said ” Ciao” to another neighbour.

Then another…..

Then was complimented in the farmacia on my mural in the country.

Had short discussion with client and have 2 new commissions.

Complimented on bench painting by stranger

Chatted to former client and artist I met at exhibition in summer on way home.

Friend arrived with foccaccia for lunch. Should check my messages.

Heard voices outside my house. They were talking about me so I opened the door and said “ciao “. Then invited them to come in and look round , which they did, had nice time and felt appreciated. ( would not have invited people in a few months ago ,but now it feels okay again. We all used masks)

In between “socialising ” I finally ” finished my latest painting on the theme of light in the valley.

Still not sure I like it…. but at least there are some bits I like.

Then with very little thought I started the next one and after an hour I think I’m finished


Not sure how that happened.

Now the stove is lit and I have a lot of thinking to do. Wine will likely help.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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