2021 in  Pisticci ……is that a procession I hear……

I was just about to begin writing when I heard a noise and looked out…..as one does. No one frowns on curiosity  here.

And there was a group  of people passing the end of my road and a presumably a priest,  was reciting something. What is strange is that 5 minutes  later they passed again going in the opposite  direction. Since then there have been bells and there’s the sound of singing in the distance. Maybe it’s a shortened covid feste. Who knows!

It’s been a very nice day with blue skies. After hanging out the washing I decided to go out……anywhere. Am still feeling unsettled.

I was going to go to the supermarket. There is always something I might need, but when I got to the piazza I decided that I would go for a walk …..and what’s more I would buy something to eat and sit somewhere to enjoy the view. I went into the little shop and bought a packet of crisps and a bottle of fizzy water. ( and a purse …..but that’s another story.)

Then I set off up the hill towards the chiesa madre.

I sat on a bench up by the church and was entertained by watching mad cyclists in lycra. Pisticci is on the top of a hill and hardly any of the town is flat. I think their cycles may have had engines. Then there were builders up the top of a house nearby. Casually strolling around the roof. In the distance I could see my neighbour hanging out her washing.

I walked along in front of the arches on the way home and down the pink brick road. It was warm and the sky was bright blue.

My street was looking pretty and my neighbour was still hanging out washing. She shouted down to me. I think she asked me if I was doing washing for friends and getting paid for it. I can only assume that as I only use my washing machine about every 2 weeks. ( I have enough clothes and I still haven’t had the water bill) that she is a bit confused about why I have so much washing. Most people wash clothes every day here.

I’ve found another artist on YouTube who says that artists should be ” Jack’s of all trades”.He makes sense and doesn’t waffle.

There was one piece of canvas left so I found another light effect scene and started it.

Must not overdo it.

I found these photos on Facebook memories of me and my ape’ . Must’ve been about 10 years ago. I miss having transport.


Wine time now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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