2021 in Pisticci…needing some peace….

Has been a strange day. It’s  4 years ago since I got a phone call saying James had fallen off his scooter and was on his way to Potenza in a helicopter. I had seen him that morning when he came to give me some advice on how to fix my wall. And I had only been inside for 10 minutes and was thinking about a very late lunch and a shower when the phone rang. 2 hours later I was lost in the hospital and that night I was in a friend’s  house nearby. ( thanks to twitter actually.)

I was a bit restless today .

I’ve found that doing something to mark occasions like that is good for me. One year I painted flowers on the wall I had been building when I last saw him .

Now that ,that house has been sold it might well get painted over so I thought I might paint something on my wall here.

Strange pansies.

So I did.

It’s been a lovely day. Quite warm .

While I was sitting on the doorstep painting …..

It was good to stroll up town for a coffee this morning. Then I read a bit more of Patti Smith’s book, Just Kids .

Didn’t do much else. Back to work properly tomorrow.

Another happy political photo from Pisticci.

And I found this old photo of a portrait I did of James a long time ago.

Wine and Maigret now I think.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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