2021 in Pisticci…..pellets and painting.

And positivity. Though the last has been a bit lacking recently.

From experience  I know that when I get a bit discouraged it’s  usually because there are too many ” difficult” things to do .

So what helps is if I deal with at least one of them.

Today it was time to organise some pellets for the winter. And this year there were none available locally online. Last year it was easy. Just a message on facebook and they were delivered a couple of hours later.

This year I have managed to organise more than I need sort of by accident.

Hopefully that will be a step in the right direction . Recently what I don’t have or can’t do has been a bit overwhelming.

However after lunch I worked on the latest light effect painting.

On a vaguely positive note I am at least carrying on. I must be learning something.

It’s been warmer this week so have the door open tonight

Unfortunately last night I watched the last of Maigret on youtube . Need to find something else. I really enjoyed them .


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