2021 in Pisticci…..more than 90 bags of pellets in my house….

And none of them are visible. Some are hidden in the corner next to the fridge. Some are in a cupboard. The majority are in my gallery disguised as tables.

84 bags of pellets.

I wasn’t expecting them until next week and was out having coffee with a friend when I got a phone call to say that they had arrived and,” Was I at home ?”

I rushed home and quickly cleared as much space as possible. I had done a rough estimate with a friend to see how many bags of pellets would fit in the gallery. But I honestly wasn’t sure what it would be like. Last year I bought 40 bags.

However half of them arrived …in a car! I was very impressed. I helped stack them and was glad to see that they would probably fit . I am very grateful to the guy from the ferramenta for ordering them and then delivering them. The second half arrived soon afterwards and it took me about half an hour after that to move a few into a cupboard , cover the others up and rearrange paintings in front and on top.

I might have enough for half of next winter too or alternatively I have enough to never be cold this winter. ( assuming the stove works etc. Never like to take anything for granted.)

This morning after reading a chapter of ” Just Kids ” by Patti Smith I was inspired to find my old oil paints and try a small practice painting . Just to see what it was like. I was a little hampered by having very little yellow. And I am not sure if the paint is supposed to be so stiff. It’s probably at least 10 years old. But it was interesting.

Need to clean my brush more .

Might do some more over the weekend.

I’ve just remembered that it’s Friday.

Getting pellets was progress. Next week I need to go to the bank . I haven’t been in since it moved round the corner. And I need to pay the first instalment of “Tari” ( bin tax.) If I can manage to pay it online somehow that would be great. Otherwise its a visit to the post office and a long wait.

Now I need to decide if I should close the door and light the stove or put on a jacket and wait ………..

Cheers 🍷🍷

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