2021 in Pisticci quiet day colouring in…..

It feels a bit like colouring in, once I’ve  drawn the scene.

I’ve  never learned how to use water colours  “properly, ” if there is such a thing.  I watched YouTube videos after I had been using them for several months to see if I could get better effects ,but that was all.

I like the results so far.

Today’s bit colouring in….

I was really surprised to find that the first watercolour scene I painted this week which I put on INSTAGRAM got more than 100 likes which is more than twice as many as most of my other ones. As these are for the Christmas Market then maybe they will sell. I ‘ll need to sell 5 of them to cover my costs.

Haven’t been outside today. The weather has been okay ,but I wanted to get work finished.

Am waiting for a friend to come round tonight. I should probably dust. I like the beeswax smell of the furniture polish. But I feel more like falling asleep.

Tomorrow I think I am going to Bari with a friend to drop someone off at the airport. On the way back we might stop somewhere and explore. Pretty exciting adventure to look forward to.

Now I really ought to dust and get organised.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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