2021 in Pisticci…..drawing by the stove…..

It’s been a quiet day in which I’ve drawn a Pisticci scene that I would not have attempted several years ago. Being me, I think it could be better, but there is an awful lot of detail in it and although I would like it to have more life , it is fairly accurate. Tomorrow I plan to add colour.

The strange shapes at the front are shadows

It was very pleasant sitting at my desk beside the stove. That’s the good thing about painting watercolours : they can be done without an easel and lots of stuff.

I made Christmas watercolours for my family sitting on the bed in my daughter’s house. I had brought the paper and colours in my my handbag when I travelled by Ryanair with no luggage.

It’s quite therapeutic sitting drawing little details .

Other than that I did very little today. Several people or friend’s of people I know are ill or in hospital. I was thinking about them.

Now it’s nice to be finished work for the day.

Looking down on my cosy room

Cheers 🍷🍷

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