2021 in Pisticci…plastic bags and other stuff…..

Woke up just before 8am today …After being awake for some time in the night.

My plan was to start another watercolour.

So first I did the washing. I had run out of clothes I liked….baggy trousers and long polo neck jumpers. I like washing days . This was forecast to be the first all sunny day this week.

Then I went up town to get paracetamols and on the way dropped in at the art shop where the kind lady removed a creepy crawlie from my hair and told me about a market in the piazza on the 5th of December.

I returned home with paracetamols and minus the creepy crawlie, but feeling a little itchy. It was one of these insects with a fork tail. ( I think it’s bitten me on my neck.)

By then it was 11am and I was wondering what kind of small paintings or prints I could take to the market. So I watched a video on YouTube about painting small houses and then raked about in drawers and boxes and found some prints and cardboard etc.

After lunch time I downloaded some of yesterday’s photos on to my tablet.

Had a little rest.

Then decided maybe it would be better if I started a watercolour tomorrow.

To combat any feelings of laziness I thought I’d go out and buy some clear plastic bags to put the prints in. And maybe get a snack at the supermarket on the way.

It was a beautiful afternoon .

Lovely light

I found some clear plastic bags and then while waiting at the till I asked if they sold ordinary carrier bags like the one I had just been given.

Now I have a bundle of about 50 thin white bags so that I can put my paintings or prints in something that hasn’t been used and dug out from under the sink.

Sitting there feeling very pleased with myself , I suddenly thought, ,” Aagh! Climate change! “

It is possible these bags ( unlike the clear plastic ones) are biodegradable.

I have now ordered 100 biodegradable ones from Amazon.

I’m not always very environmentally friendly, but this time it bothered me.

It looked very pretty in the valley half an hour ago.

Now I have some very nice cheese and plenty of wine. 🍷🍷 And tomorrow’s another day……….

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