2021 in Pisticci….Choosing what to paint….

This morning I felt like starting another watercolour .This time I really wanted to paint a scene from Matera. There were several photos to choose from. Some were more complicated than others. Some were possibly more sellable than others.

I took a while to decide and finally chose to paint the one I liked best regardless of whether it was likely to sell or not.

I liked this one as it struck me as funny that someone had their washing hung all the way across one of the main streets in the Sassi where loads of tourists stroll past. Also there were 2 groups of local people sitting at tables and I thought that made it interesting. Real people live and work in what is regularly used as a film set.

In another photo a guy came out the green door and was taking in the washing.

It was a bit of a challenge to paint all the stone work and the photo was not very clear in the details.

Maybe I should do watercolours all winter as it is very comfortable sitting at the table next to the stove. I quite enjoy drawing all the details and am attempting scenes I wouldn’t have tried a year ago. Considering the people at the tables were fairly blurred in the photo I think they turned out okay.

I even found time to go for a walk inbetween drawing and painting.

Today I bought pocket coffee. A Christmas treat.

18 treats……

I googled the cream I was using on the bite on my neck which is red and swollen, and it was what I thought it was. I got it from the pharmacist earlier in the summer when my hand was swollen. If it isn’t any better tomorrow I might need to get it checked.

It has been a lovely sunny day .

It feels good to have painted something I liked. Tomorrow I have a portrait to start.

Now I have wine to drink.


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