2022 in Pisticci…dreams of richness….

I didn’t eat cheese,so It wasn’t that ,but I woke up this morning worrying what to do with a bag of pink jewels worth millions. Did I hand them into the police where they would no doubt be given to some rich person who didn’t even miss them and would think that a reward of €10 would be appropriate.  ( it was a dream so my ” morals” might not have been all the should. And I find it difficult to like rich people .)  Or should I keep them and have fun giving money to lots of people  who actually needed it. Or would some crooks beat me up to make me tell where they were hidden. And , this was the biggest problem, how could I sell them to get the money to give away. They were very unusual and so someone would know they weren’t  mine to sell.

It was a relief to get up.

Today was the celebration  of la Befana  so I had facon and eggs for breakfast . It was the last day of Christmas.  Worth making a point.

Then I discovered something relatively wonderful. There is an app which will make a blurry photo clear. I used it on all 4 photos from which I have to paint my next portraits . What a difference  it has made. I can clearly see all the details now.

Most of the morning was take up with organising references and photos for my next paintings.

Managed to fit in meeting a friend for, coffee in my case and tea for her.

The tea looked wonderful

This afternoon I managed a very rough drawing of a scene in the town on my second biggest canvas.

Tomorrow I want to sketch in the faces for the portraits. Just enough to get everything in the right place.

Works in process.

Then I took down my 2 Christmas decorations. A small gold wire tree and a little basket with a santa claus on it.

The lights and flowers have been there all year. I like it that way.

It’s been a bit dull today so when I went to look at the sky an hour ago I wasn’t expecting much.

I was wrong.

There are over 1000 positives today in Basilicata, though not all of them are resident here. And 10 in Pisticci.

Am still puzzling over my dream . I used to interpret my own dreams, but I have forgotten how I did it.

Anyways it’s wine time now.

Cheers 🍷🍷


  1. What a wonderful dream. To me,it meant that you know that the only person who can really value what you have to give to the world is yourself. Some people take a lifetime to figure that out. A bag of pink jewels indeed!! You should keep every last one of them because they represent who you are.
    Here’s one I had: When deciding to leave my incredibly handsome but complicated Iranian boyfriend years ago, I dreamt that I had been condemned (he was still alive at the time) to carry a sack full of the Ayatollah’s bones forever on my back. Wow.

      • Well I will be back if “They” let me in!!! Maybe all the bullshit will have blown away by then! I am regretting not catching the O-Rona from my son over Christmas. Of course he caught it, he is the only one of us who is vaccinated and boosted! It was (as we say here) “a nothingburger.” And it IS hard being this smart, navigating the twits!!🤪🤪.

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