2022 in Pisticci…a good week’s work..

It doesn’t feel as If I worked very hard this week as some days I only did one thing . I think I have the idea that work should start at 8am and finish at 6pm. That never happens….even on a busy day.

Despite my relaxed, idling ways , from the first of January I have made one very big stretcher, a medium big one and 4 smaller ones. Then I’ve stapled canvas onto all of them plus another 2. Then I’ve roughly drawn the subjects on all of them ….except the big one as that will be poppies and I’ll only paint them.

There was also quite a lot of organising included .

I am impressed.

Keeping a work diary is very satisfying.

I’ll be happy if I don’t have to saw any more wood for a while.

It’s been cold and rainy today , but I popped out to the supermarket with my trolley as I had a voucher to get €5 off if I spent more than €25. I don’t usually spend as much as that ,but I thought that if I bought some more expensive items like hairdye, catfood and toothpaste then I might get over €25. I managed to spend €40. I never could count! Anyways I didn’t buy anything that I wouldn’t normally get, so feels okay.

Positive cases are still around 1000 here and another 5 in Pisticci.

It looks like the weather will be colder and wet for the next few days. Am glad I made the most of it while it was lovely.

About half an hour ago.

It feels as if it being Friday should mean something….maybe I should invent a special Friday thing.

Still drinking the primitivo amabile which I like a lot.


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